{"object_type": "game", "title": "RETAIL TYCOON UNLIMITED MONEY", "author": "@JesseEmeraldKing1234", "imgs": ["", "", "", "", "", "", ""], "stats": [{"Active": "0"}, {"Favorites": "7,261"}, {"Visits": "427.7K+"}, {"Created": "10/2/2018"}, {"Updated": "12/11/2021"}, {"Server Size": "6"}, {"Genre": "All Genres"}, {"Allowed Gear": ""}], "like": ["2186", "2,186"], "dislike": ["907", "907"], "description": "Ever had the perfect idea in mind for your dream store in Retail Tycoon? But then you realize you don't have enough cash and have to spend hours or even days to get the cash to create it? Welcome to Retail Tycoon Unlimited Money, the place where we solve that. This game is exactly like Retail Tycoon but unlimited money! You no longer have to spend a crazy amount of time getting cash, you can start building the moment that plan comes to your mind! You can even practice your building skills, plan out your store, or anything in the world of Retail Tycoon Unlimited Money! Join the group to be notified about updates and more before anyone else! You can also play our other new and awesome games! So what are you waiting for?", "badges": [], "store": [{"store_item_title": "Donation", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "25"}], "url": "{}"}