Prison Life Enhanced 🪄

{"object_type": "game", "title": "Prison Life Enhanced \ud83e\ude84", "author": "pyromixGames", "imgs": ["", ""], "stats": [{"Active": "47"}, {"Favorites": "33,079"}, {"Visits": "10.4M+"}, {"Created": "12/20/2020"}, {"Updated": "4/2/2022"}, {"Server Size": "24"}, {"Genre": "Town and City"}, {"Allowed Gear": ""}], "like": ["7152", "7,152"], "dislike": ["5580", "5,580"], "description": "\ud83d\udd28 Welcome to prison life enhanced\ud83d\udc4d \u26a0\ufe0f Message dedicated to Aesthetical: Hello, if you play this game, please do not delete it, we have made a considerable effort to create it. \ud83c\udfae Prison life : \u2705 Shutdown = update! \ud83c\udf1f UPDATE : game pass server control (beta) Tadashy is back!!! (alpha) more ! 11M visits = mega update ! \ud83e\udd2f For xbox \ud83c\udfae : press button L for sprint press button Y for reload the gun press dpad down for crawl. The game have some Product To Make your experience the best possible !\ud83c\udf88 Warning ! : We do NOT provide refound of your GAMEPASSES ! \u26d4 This game was made from roblox studio and visual studio. -- This game is inspired by the original prison life ! By : PyromixLua and Slotney", "badges": [{"badge_name": "Welcome!", "badge_description": "Welcome to prison life 3 !", "badge_img": "", "badge_stats": [{"Rarity": "100.0% (Freebie)"}, {"Won Yesterday": "2389"}, {"Won Ever": "2252717"}]}], "store": [{"store_item_title": "Nuke Access", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "300"}, {"store_item_title": "Vehicle Radio Access", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "150"}, {"store_item_title": "VIP admin", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "500"}, {"store_item_title": "Police tristan_62", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "500"}, {"store_item_title": "Swat Access", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "750"}, {"store_item_title": "Server Control Access", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "500"}], "url": "{}"}