Mall Tycoon (Loubu)

{"object_type": "game", "title": "Mall Tycoon (Loubu)", "author": "Grandma's Favourite Games", "imgs": [""], "stats": [{"Active": "16"}, {"Favorites": "3,057"}, {"Visits": "843.8K+"}, {"Created": "4/13/2021"}, {"Updated": "10/14/2021"}, {"Server Size": "6"}, {"Genre": "All Genres"}, {"Allowed Gear": ""}], "like": ["2873", "2,873"], "dislike": ["670", "670"], "description": "Lagging? Make a FREE VIP server Create your own personalized Mall, with over 35 stores to choose from. Hey, look at that\u2026 some people are starting to visit your mall! \ud83c\udfe8\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d Build the correct types of stores to keep your customers happy. These customers are not easy to please but if you manage to do so you will be rewarded! Wow, more customers are coming to your mall\u2026 \ud83c\udfe8\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d \ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d \ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d Paint your walls and decorate your mall so it is unique. Unlock a variety of awesome set pieces at the end of every floor. Now your mall is getting really busy\u2026 \ud83c\udfe8\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d \ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d \ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d \ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d \ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d \ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d \ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d \ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2642\u200d\ud83d\udeb6\u200d\u2640\u200d Create all 12 floors then stand on the roof and look out into the distance. You are a champion; you have conquered the Roblox Mall. Everything the light touches is your kingdom (except all the other malls, the road, and generally anything not within the area of your Mall).", "badges": [], "store": [], "url": "{}"}