Adopt Me! 👽 Test Lab

{"object_type": "game", "title": "Adopt Me! \ud83d\udc7d Test Lab", "author": "@6kael_2020", "imgs": [""], "stats": [{"Active": "2"}, {"Favorites": "210"}, {"Visits": "85.5K+"}, {"Created": "8/13/2021"}, {"Updated": "8/13/2021"}, {"Server Size": "50"}, {"Genre": "All Genres"}, {"Allowed Gear": ""}], "like": ["48", "48"], "dislike": ["227", "227"], "description": "\ud83d\udc69\ud83c\udffd\u200d\ud83d\udd2cThis is the Adopt Me Test Lab! Here we'll be testing out new experimental features to get your feedback! \ud83d\udc7d Currently On The Test Server there is a ... Invasion !!! \ud83d\udc26The Test Server Will Close Soon So Enjoy It Very Good !!! \ud83e\uddeaIn This Server You will not be able to have pets or anything, you will only be able to observe the wonderful map that is approaching adopt me !!! \u231aThe backpack, shop and launch presentation will be activated in the not too distant future \ud83d\udca3There are many secrets on the Test Server. Will you be able to find them ???", "badges": [], "store": [], "url": "{}"}