🎓 [Pets!] Homework Lifting Simulator

{"object_type": "game", "title": "\ud83c\udf93 [Pets!] Homework Lifting Simulator", "author": "Sugar Brick Games", "imgs": ["https://darksib.ru/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/2d7c27526089d883b95ab364845ce7da.png"], "stats": [{"Active": "65"}, {"Favorites": "52,094"}, {"Visits": "11.6M+"}, {"Created": "3/31/2020"}, {"Updated": "4/23/2020"}, {"Server Size": "10"}, {"Genre": "Fighting"}, {"Allowed Gear": ""}], "like": ["9981", "9,981"], "dislike": ["4204", "4,204"], "description": "\ud83d\udea8 Update 1 \ud83d\udc3e Pets! Hatch and raise 15 new pets! Sell your smarts for coins and open eggs to collect the rarest pets in the game! \ud83d\ude31 The teachers in the school have gone crazy! It's your job to get stronger and stop them before they destroy the school. \u270f\ufe0f Lift your school supplies to gain better grades and become stronger and faster! \ud83e\udd14 Customize your character's stats to cloak your strength or go all out and be the best student ever! \ud83d\ude08 Evil Teacher Stats: \ud83d\udea8 HP: 10 Million \ud83d\udcaa Attack Power: 20K to 50K \ud83d\ude08 Defeat the evil teacher and lift to unlock secret OP weights: \ud83e\udd47 50 Wins = Gold Pencil \ud83e\udd48 100 Wins = Doodlebob \u2705 Join Sugar Brick Games for a permanent X2 bonus and to receive the hourly group rewards! Credits: am_brick = Scripting and Building Hellokitty1589 = Thumbnail Art", "badges": [], "store": [], "url": "https://www.roblox.com/games/4840156698/Pets-Homework-Lifting-Simulator{}"}