Escape Poppy Squid Game Obby Parkour

{"object_type": "game", "title": "Escape Poppy Squid Game Obby Parkour", "author": "Sarcastic Studios", "imgs": [""], "stats": [{"Active": "538"}, {"Favorites": "25,872"}, {"Visits": "21.3M+"}, {"Created": "5/6/2020"}, {"Updated": "12/17/2021"}, {"Server Size": "12"}, {"Genre": "Adventure"}, {"Allowed Gear": ""}], "like": ["4600", "4,600"], "dislike": ["4328", "4,328"], "description": "\ud83d\udc4d Thumbs up the game for more stages! \ud83d\udc4d \ud83c\udf1f Welcome to Squid Game Obby! Jump, slide, dive, and dash through awesome obstacle courses based around the popular show Squid Game! What are you waiting for? Play today! \ud83d\udc4d Please Leave A Like! \u2764\ufe0f Don't Forget To Favorite! \ud83d\udccc Follow The Game For Updates! \ud83c\udf20 Buy a VIP server to play with only your friends! Tags: (Ignore) Obby Cartoony Fun Adventure Escape Motel Manager Sewer Get Eaten Evil Obby \u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac \u2b50 Sarcastic Studios \u2b50 \u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac", "badges": [{"badge_name": "You Played!", "badge_description": "", "badge_img": "", "badge_stats": [{"Rarity": "0.0% (Impossible)"}, {"Won Yesterday": "0"}, {"Won Ever": "4268206"}]}, {"badge_name": "You Won!", "badge_description": "", "badge_img": "", "badge_stats": [{"Rarity": "0.0% (Impossible)"}, {"Won Yesterday": "0"}, {"Won Ever": "214055"}]}], "store": [{"store_item_title": "Body Swap", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "125"}, {"store_item_title": "Boombox", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "100"}, {"store_item_title": "Flying Carpet", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "150"}, {"store_item_title": "Flying Cloud", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "175"}, {"store_item_title": "Grapple Hook", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "125"}, {"store_item_title": "Gravity Coil", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "100"}, {"store_item_title": "Hoverboard", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "125"}, {"store_item_title": "Jetpack", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "175"}, {"store_item_title": "Lightsaber", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "125"}, {"store_item_title": "Speed Coil", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "100"}], "url": "{}"}