Animations: Mocap

{"object_type": "game", "title": "Animations: Mocap", "author": "Animations: Mocap", "imgs": ["", "", "", "", "", ""], "stats": [{"Active": "499"}, {"Favorites": "1,405,657"}, {"Visits": "313.6M+"}, {"Created": "4/20/2019"}, {"Updated": "11/25/2021"}, {"Server Size": "30"}, {"Genre": "All Genres"}, {"Allowed Gear": ""}], "like": ["244264", "244K+"], "dislike": ["34573", "34K+"], "description": "Autumn has come to Mocap! Prop and effect emotes have made it into Mocap, give them a try! We also support voice chat. Click to sync is now active, click on someone to try it out! Use /leavesync to stop and exit the party. Dance! Strike a pose! Animations: Mocap is a game where you can hang out with friends, make new ones, roleplay, listen to music or whatever you desire. - To sync, click on a player and press \"sync\", use /leavesync to stop. - Hold 'R' to sprint. - Press 'P' (or for mobile players, a button will appear) to toggle ragdoll. - Use /afk to toggle being afk. - Use /refresh to reset your character while keeping your camera in place. Developer Credits: Rules & Guidelines:", "badges": [{"badge_name": "Welcome to Animations: Mocap", "badge_description": "You joined the game!", "badge_img": "", "badge_stats": [{"Rarity": "0.0% (Impossible)"}, {"Won Yesterday": "0"}, {"Won Ever": "18526208"}]}, {"badge_name": "You Met the Owner!", "badge_description": "The owner joined your server!", "badge_img": "", "badge_stats": [{"Rarity": "0.0% (Impossible)"}, {"Won Yesterday": "0"}, {"Won Ever": "44598"}]}, {"badge_name": "You met a Developer", "badge_description": "This badge is granted automatically if an A:M Developer is in your server.", "badge_img": "", "badge_stats": [{"Rarity": "0.0% (Impossible)"}, {"Won Yesterday": "14"}, {"Won Ever": "80815"}]}], "store": [{"store_item_title": "Confetti Cannon", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "80"}, {"store_item_title": "Glowstick Colors", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "80"}, {"store_item_title": "\u2b50 Mocap VIP", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "150"}, {"store_item_title": "Tag Color", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "150"}, {"store_item_title": "Infinite Glowbands", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "150"}, {"store_item_title": "Chat Colors", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "80"}, {"store_item_title": "Rainbow Nametag", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "80"}, {"store_item_title": "Admin Commands", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "300"}, {"store_item_title": "2x Levels", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "200"}, {"store_item_title": "Ragdoll Anywhere", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "150"}], "url": "{}"}