Jacob: The Storm Breaker

{"object_type": "skin", "title": "Jacob: The Storm Breaker", "author": "Roblox", "imgs": ["https://darksib.ru/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/e09ab40373dc4346f899984b07b27717.png"], "price": "1,000", "fav": ["2,029", "2,029"], "type": "Bundle", "fields": [{"Description": "\u201cEndlessly chasing the next great storm, that is my destiny.\u201d Though described as jovial to all who have met him, Jacob has always been an enigmatic figure. He remains an oddity in the modern world, refusing interviews and shying away from any questions regarding his past \u2013 little is known about him beyond his utter fearlessness and inhuman talent. His feats of dominance on the mountain with a snowboard have been described as nothing less than \u201cart.\u201d And while it may never be known what drives his passion to push the limits of human physicality, perhaps it is not needed. Maybe we should simply enjoy art for art\u2019s sake. (Exclusive on Xbox One)"}], "url": "https://www.roblox.com/bundles/84"}