Guesty - SQUID GAME! 🦑

{"object_type": "game", "title": "Guesty - SQUID GAME! \ud83e\udd91", "author": "NK Studio", "imgs": ["", ""], "stats": [{"Active": "189"}, {"Favorites": "521,738"}, {"Visits": "71.2M+"}, {"Created": "4/1/2020"}, {"Updated": "11/17/2021"}, {"Server Size": "6"}, {"Genre": "Horror"}, {"Allowed Gear": ""}], "like": ["117664", "117K+"], "dislike": ["19816", "19K+"], "description": "The guests are back. \ud83e\udd91 SQUID GAME out now! \ud83c\udf83 HALLOWEEN CHAPTER out now! \ud83d\udd25 Guesty Head accessory: V0.8.0: GUESTY is still in alpha, please let us know if you encounter any bugs! Remember to leave a like! 🙂 \ud83d\udca5 Join NK Studio for a free rare tradeable weapon skin! Controls: Left click (PC), tap (mobile), right trigger (controller) to open doors and pick up / interact with objects. Ctrl/shift (PC), tap button (mobile), B button (controller) to crouch / place trap. E (PC), tap button (mobile), X Button (controller) to use camera. \u26a0\ufe0f All music and sound effects in the game are either licensed to NK Studio or royalty free and are able to be used in monetized content. Inspired by Piggy and Murder Mystery 2. Check out those awesome games as well! \ud83d\udc9c @CrimsonForce_ @JustNahidThings \ud83d\udcdc CREDITS: Guest, guests, guest", "badges": [{"badge_name": "Played GUESTY", "badge_description": "The most exclusive of all badges", "badge_img": "", "badge_stats": [{"Rarity": "36.3% (Moderate)"}, {"Won Yesterday": "1927"}, {"Won Ever": "12821726"}]}, {"badge_name": "Completed Chapter 1", "badge_description": "You completed chapter 1!", "badge_img": "", "badge_stats": [{"Rarity": "1.6% (Insane)"}, {"Won Yesterday": "85"}, {"Won Ever": "760408"}]}, {"badge_name": "Completed Chapter 2", "badge_description": "You completed chapter 2!", "badge_img": "", "badge_stats": [{"Rarity": "1.7% (Insane)"}, {"Won Yesterday": "92"}, {"Won Ever": "563839"}]}], "store": [{"store_item_title": "Elite Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "449"}, {"store_item_title": "Radio", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "399"}, {"store_item_title": "2x GUESTY Chance", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "199"}, {"store_item_title": "5x GUESTY Chance", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "699"}, {"store_item_title": "2x Vote Power", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "249"}, {"store_item_title": "YouTube Crates", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "99"}, {"store_item_title": "GUEST 666 Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "1250"}, {"store_item_title": "ED & AL Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "999"}, {"store_item_title": "RASAZY Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "799"}, {"store_item_title": "TABI Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "799"}, {"store_item_title": "ZARDY Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "899"}, {"store_item_title": "KING DRACULA Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "999"}, {"store_item_title": "FORGOTTEN Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "999"}, {"store_item_title": "MASKED Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "999"}, {"store_item_title": "KNIGHT Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "999"}, {"store_item_title": "GUARD Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "999"}, {"store_item_title": "DOLLY Bundle", "store_item_img": "", "store_item_price": "999"}], "url": "{}"}

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